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8 week challenge

An online fitness + lifestyle transformation challenge

January 2 - February 27

are you ready to end the yo-yo dieting cycle and make sustainable changes, with a group of inspiring AF ladies?
Look no further. 

The New Year is one of the best times to start implementing healthy habits.

You don't have to do it alone. 

Let me help you stay accountable to your goals this year!


I've been there...

Dieting on and off for years, and restricting yourself from your favourite foods. Only to be right back where you began. 

Coaching is right for you if...

➡️ You're DONE with restrictive dieting, or the "clean eating" mentality, and ready to start eating all the foods you love while STILL 👏🏼 MAKING 👏🏼 PROGRESS 👏🏼. No foods are "bad". Yes, some are more nutritious than others, but you do not have to avoid them for the rest of your life. I'm here to help you learn how

➡️You want to stop being hyper-focussed on the number you see on the scale. Weight fluctuations are caused by so many things (as you will learn), and is just 1 way to help measure progress. Haven't you heard? NON scale victories are where it's at now💯

➡️ You've tried countless fad diets and are a victim of diet culture. They were quick fixes and left you feeling like you took 2 steps backward

➡️You're ready to effectively learn how to lose fat + build muscle, providing you with sustainable results

What's included?

⚡️ 8 weeks of periodized training in an app that's free for you ( home or gym)

⚡️ weekly checkins with macronutrient coaching (carbs, fats, proteins)

⚡️ cardio recommendations

⚡️ sample meal plan + recommendations (not meal plan specific)

⚡️ support with coach - have accountability right at your fingertips, even when it gets hard

⚡️private community of over 410 current, and past clients to help keep you motivated

⚡️ $500 CAD prize for the winner

$650 VALUE!

yes, there's payment plans!

Still on the fence?

Feeling ready to go off on your own?

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