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Colorful Leaf


I made some progress every day. Whether it was getting more water in or looking at food to fuel my body and not as a punishment. To have come so far mentally that I can put myself first, I CAN give myself one hour for the gym, time to meal prep, time to relax and not feel guilty. I can enjoy food on the weekend and not binge and Spiral.

This 8 weeks was one of the biggest mindset shifts I have ever had. I feel like a shell came off me and my true self came through, something I was not expecting at all from this challenge. I think the confidence from working out, gaining control of my dietary habits brought out this part of me I've been hiding.


I feel like myself. I had a few bad image days but I'm also so in love with my body. I know what I'm capable of, I know I can accomplish my goals. Truly in the end the only thing stopping me is me. The excuses are gone, and that is the best win rather than any scale victory. I feel like I am home in my own skin.

Colorful Leaf


I am really proud that even though I was not *perfect*, I never just threw in the towel and stayed accountable to myself day-to-day - no matter what that looked like. 

Three main things.

CONFIDENCE! I spent more time naked, and am no longer afraid to *post the photo* and get out of my comfort zone of always being covered up. Sex life improved a lot too. ;) 

EATING! I have made some huge changes in regard to eating and opened up to foods I never thought I could like. Truly life-changing.

SELF-LOVE! Not only loving me where I am at, but also listening to myself (and my body). Unlearning that I have to *push* through everything was amazing. I was one of those *workout 6 days a week, two hours a day* people and didn't see results. But 8 weeks with you and I've seen changes in not only my body, but my mindset.

Colorful Leaf


I feel proud that I stayed the course the whole 8 weeks and didn’t give up even though there were times when I was sick, didn’t want to workout or get out for a walk, I remembered my why and visualized my happier and healthier self and this helped me stay on track. You have helped me realize that progress takes TIME and will not be an overnight thing. I have changed my mindset to think of this as a lifestyle and not just a quick way to “look good”.


Getting out for my walks has helped my brain fog, helped me think clearer, and reduced my anxiety. I didn’t know it could be something as simple as daily steps and I’ll admit when I first seen my goal of 6-8k steps I thought that was a LOT lol. Turns out it’s not much and that little change made a huge difference in my overall well being. I’ve learned FOOD is fuel and not to think of it as a punishment if I’ve went over my Macros, to continue on and keep at it. This has been a huge shift for me as before I would always give up if I had a day where I indulged. I would think “well I already broke the plan, why continue”. Physically I feel sooo much stronger and am constantly hitting PRs!!!

Colorful Leaf


Colorful Leaf


I feel proud of myself for sticking to it! I have never stuck to any workout program this long & as a mom of 2 toddlers I rarely give myself time. I feel this program has really helped me to become a better mom because my mental health has improved so much. 


I’ve changed both physically and mentally. I can definitely notice the changes in my body, but I feel the changes to my mindset and over all happiness are much more important.

I was giving so much to everyone else and not ever taking time for me and it was beginning to wear me out. I was also drinking more and using that as my outlet at the end of the week and now I don’t feel the need to do that. 

Colorful Leaf


Where do I even begin with this wonderful woman!? I first started with Natalia almost 2 years ago when my only focus was on losing weight. Prior to her, I had been working out on my own and watching what I ate for the past 4 years and had some great scale results. However, if I’m being honest, I was doing so by severely restricting my diet and working out as much as possible with little to no rest. My entire life revolved around losing weight for specific events and holidays. During those events, I would binge eat and feel regret; starting the cycle over again.

Since training with Natalia, my entire mentality around fitness and living a healthy lifestyle has changed. She’s helped me realize that fitness isn’t just what you see on the scale; it is building a balanced relationship with food, exercise, rest, and most importantly how we view our bodies.

Throughout the last two years, Natalia has helped me shed some pounds, and it has been great to celebrate those wins. However, the greatest thing I’ve achieved while training with her is appreciation for my body. My weight may not be where I thought it needed to be happy (thank you, unrealistic body standards), but I am wholeheartedly OK with that! My body is strong. My body is beautiful. My body is my body.


Thank you, Natalia, for helping me realize this and for continuing to support and push me to be my best self both physically and mentally.

I started working with Natalia 1.5 years ago. I was at a place in my life where I was depressed and just overall unhappy with how I looked and felt. I always wanted to be fitter and eat healthier but never knew how to begin so I took a chance and signed up for Natalia’s 12 week winter challenge in January 2019.


I never knew anything about tracking food or macros but I downloaded the “my fitness pal” application and started to track anything and everything I ate. During the first challenge I did every workout Natalia had programmed into the true coach application and I lost 17 inches on my body combined, I’m not a big person to begin with but the shape of my body completely changed. I gained a whole lot of muscle and lost fat. Since then I’ve done two more challenges and am currently on my fourth.


My body has changed in ways I could have never imagined and I feel the healthiest and stronger that I ever have. It takes time to see changes but I can guarantee if you put your trust in Natalia and fully commit to the workouts and tracking your diet you will not be disappointed.

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