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Colorful Leaf


I started working with Natalia 1.5 years ago. I was at a place in my life where I was depressed and just overall unhappy with how I looked and felt. I always wanted to be fitter and eat healthier but never knew how to begin so I took a chance and signed up for Natalia’s 12 week winter challenge in January 2019.


I never knew anything about tracking food or macros but I downloaded the “my fitness pal” application and started to track anything and everything I ate. During the first challenge I did every workout Natalia had programmed into the true coach application and I lost 17 inches on my body combined, I’m not a big person to begin with but the shape of my body completely changed. I gained a whole lot of muscle and lost fat. Since then I’ve done two more challenges and am currently on my fourth.


My body has changed in ways I could have never imagined and I feel the healthiest and stronger that I ever have. It takes time to see changes but I can guarantee if you put your trust in Natalia and fully commit to the workouts and tracking your diet you will not be disappointed.

Colorful Leaf


I have really enjoyed working with Natalia. She is super inspiring and is always there when you need information on anything.


The workouts that are given are amazing and in a few weeks I have noticed I can lift a lot more. My energy levels are up and I have dropped about 5 pounds in the past few weeks I have been working with her. I am quite petite anyways but I find I am starting to look more defined and feel a lot better in my clothing. 


Thank you so much for getting me on the right track I plan to do this again ! 

Colorful Leaf


Where do I even begin with this wonderful woman!? I first started with Natalia almost 2 years ago when my only focus was on losing weight. Prior to her, I had been working out on my own and watching what I ate for the past 4 years and had some great scale results. However, if I’m being honest, I was doing so by severely restricting my diet and working out as much as possible with little to no rest. My entire life revolved around losing weight for specific events and holidays. During those events, I would binge eat and feel regret; starting the cycle over again.

Since training with Natalia, my entire mentality around fitness and living a healthy lifestyle has changed. She’s helped me realize that fitness isn’t just what you see on the scale; it is building a balanced relationship with food, exercise, rest, and most importantly how we view our bodies.

Throughout the last two years, Natalia has helped me shed some pounds, and it has been great to celebrate those wins. However, the greatest thing I’ve achieved while training with her is appreciation for my body. My weight may not be where I thought it needed to be happy (thank you, unrealistic body standards), but I am wholeheartedly OK with that! My body is strong. My body is beautiful. My body is my body.


Thank you, Natalia, for helping me realize this and for continuing to support and push me to be my best self both physically and mentally.

Image by Augustine Wong
Colorful Leaf


Natalia is the best! She has 1000% changed my life for the better and I am so grateful that we crossed paths. Natalia has taught me a sustainable way to live the healthiest life I can through working out and eating healthy. The best part is I don’t have to sacrifice the foods I love, I just eat them in moderation. I now crave a workout and love to sweat! If you had told me a year ago this would be my reality, I’d have laughed in your face! It’s not only been great for my physical health, but my mental health as well.


Before Natalia, I had tried and failed so many times at loosing weight as this was my only goal. But I have learned that weight loss isn’t all there is to being healthy. There are so many ways to gauge your success through non scale victories. Clothes that I couldn’t get on months ago comfortably fit now, I’m seeing my body tone up, and I finally just feel comfortable in my own skin again!

Natalia has changed my life for the better and shown me how to make a lifestyle change. I’ve learned so much about myself throughout this journey with her and I will be forever grateful and a lifetime client.


Colorful Leaf


Before I started my first challenge with Natalia I had literally done ALL of the big fitness influencer challenges & workout. 

I would lose weight on them but almost immediately gain it all back since they were so focused on low calories + tons of cardio. 

Working with Natalia has changed the way I thought about food, working out and has helped my mental health since I no longer focus solely on what the scale says and more with how I feel in general.


She was a great support system during the 4 challenges I did to help prep for my wedding and I can't wait to work with her again.

Colorful Leaf


I started Natalia’s program in the summer of 2021. I was tired of being tired, of doing nothing and thinking what I WAS doing was bettering my health. I struggled with my weight for years, even when my weight wasn’t really a problem. The expectations versus reality of how I thought my body should look, versus what I was looking at everyday just made me more and more disappointed in myself.


A friend referred me to Natalia’s program and to be honest, I initially thought “I’ll give it a try”, but I expected I would give up. I had given up on myself, on previous workout plans and gym memberships in the past. But just after one summer challenge I can admit happily that I was so wrong. Natalia’s programs have changed how I view working out, and how to make sense of managing my time and my wellness and fitness. I not only have the ability now to make time for my health and wellness, but also how to consciously think about what I am eating and WHY I am eating it. How it will affect my everyday, and how everyday is different.


The motivation to change and to want to make the change was like a full 360. I am half way through my second challenge and I have lost more weight in 12 weeks than I have in the last 10 years. And all that is thanks to Natalias hard work, dedication, positive reinforcement and affirmations even when some days are a lot harder than others. Not only have I recommend her programs to others who have struggled the same way I have, but I don’t think I can ever quit taking her programs either! I have seen so many different types of programs online that just cannot compare, or are so insanely expensive that the chance of rebounding back is high. Natalias programs are certainly not that, and are absolutely affordable- and thats hard to beat!


Most of all, a full lifestyle change has happened. These programs are not a one and done deal. You put in the work, you put in the effort, the time and dedication and before you even can think about it, you’ll notice the change. No amount of thank you’s could ever be said to how much I owe this lifestyle change to Natalias programs, and to Natalia as an excellent and incredible trainer!

Image by Augustine Wong
Colorful Leaf


Natalia’s workout plan is challenging, but rewarding. She is honest, real and inspiring throughout your challenge. She opens your eyes to macro’s and nutrition. Turn’s out I needed to be eating more (yes more food) and I was lacking a ton of protein. I highly recommend her workouts if you want to feel strong and confident.

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